B Sharps Jazz Club


Our fieldwork took place at B-Sharp's Jazz Cafe on May 20th at 9pm. The featured performers were a jazz trio and featured solo singer, Avis Berry. The trio included Brendan Polk on piano, Kelly McCartey on bass, and jazz professor, Leon Anderson on drums. The event was planned for pure enjoyment and entertainment. The audience had a wide range of backgrounds but were mostly middle age. The admission to this event was $20 which implied that everyone in the audience really wanted to be there. The night was a great success for both audience and performers.

Question 1 - Andrea Urban

The demographic of both the audience and musicians are varied. The ratio of men to women in the house band usually favors the men, but such is the jazz world. The audience consists of a few more men than women, but it’s noticeably more equal. The place is packed with a large group of adults around the ages of 40-60, and college students from both FSU and FAMU. In terms of diversity, there seems to be a varied mixture of races and cultures among the audience and house band. The taste in music also seems to vary throughout the crowd, but it’s agreed that almost everyone here enjoys jazz.

Question 2 - Sam Taylor

This venue is strictly a Jazz club or café and you know it as soon as you walk in the door. Everywhere you look you see jazz related pictures, posters and records, a lot of them autographed by the artists once they have visited or played a show. They have classic recordings playing when you come in (unless the group has already started) which really sets the vibe/mood. I would say that I got exactly what I expected and I'm sure many others did too.

Question 3- Sammie Penney

B #’s is located near an unsafe part of Tallahassee, most likely because the price was cheap. The café can only gets so much support, so that explains the economics. The cover fee ended up being $20; $10 for the cover and $10 for food. The price was only okay, more than I wanted to and expected to pay, but it ended up being fine. The food was out of the ordinary but normal, things like strawberries dipped in sugar and chocolate gelato. The whole economics of the venue kind of brought its value down, but it was still nice.

Question 4- Megan Jerome
The purpose of the performance did not overlap and differ from that experienced by the audience. The mood set by the performers met the expectations of the audience. If the performers sang about love or just basic life, the audience felt the same way. The audience molded to each lyric and beat the performers provided them with, creating a connection between the performer and the audience. He purpose of the performances was to get their emotions across, to make everyone in the room get a sense of feeling to how the performers were feeling, and I think their purpose came across effectively.

Question 5- Emily Charlson
The trio was made up of two student performers: Brendan Polk on piano and Kelly McCartey on bass. Leon Anderson played drums and is a jazz professor at FSU. Avis Berry was the singer and is a middle school music teacher. The audience was made up of many admirers and appreciators of jazz who were looking for a fun night out. Other listeners included friends of the musicians or students who were doing fieldwork or attempting to broaden their knowledge and appreciation of other musics.