Longmire Building/Justin Crews

1. Sam Taylor

Looking at the audience, you can quickly see that it is very diverse. There are many college students obviously, as well as a decent amount of adults of all ages. Although this recital is a formal event, you couldn't tell by the dress. The students literally wear whatever they want as it is like going to class. The adults however take it a little more seriously because the performer is likely a family member or close friend.

2. Andrea Urban-

The venue absolutely affected all parties involved in the concert. He performed in Longmire Hall, which is a more intimate, acoustical setting. Having played in Longmire Hall before I can conclude that, from the performer’s eye, the hall brings out a specific quality in the performer that seems very relatable and genuine. The closeness of the performer/music to the audience is what dictates the relationship between them. With that being stated, the closeness of the room also brings about a thick silence amongst peers, friends, family and the performer. This allows the performer to take full advantage of the musical and emotional space, which seemed to cause the audience to feel less guarded after only the first few notes of the recital. Creating familiarity is key in relating to an audience. This particular performance was very effective in using the venue to develop drama and sentiment, and maintain the audiences’ attention.

3. Sammie Penney

The guitar performance at the Longmire Building was free, thus economics was not a large part of the event. The building was on a public university campus, so it’s usable by anyone. The performer was also college aged and was just playing so he get his name out. Without anything special, like appetizers, I was happy to not have to pay $20 again to watch a performance. The price was right for what I was able to see.

4. Megan Jerome

The purpose of the performance did not overlap and differ from that experienced by the audience. The mood set by the performers met the expectations of the audience. The audience molded to each beat and rhythm the performer provided them with, creating a connection between the performer and the audience. The purpose of the performances was to get their emotions across, to make everyone in the room get a sense of feeling to how the performers were feeling, and I think their purpose came across effectively.

5. Emily Charlson

The performer was a classical guitarist, Justin Crews who was performing his senior recital. This recital had a demanding, sophisticated program and marked a milestone in Justin's life. The completion of this recital fulfilled Justin's completion of his degree and would officially attain the title of a 'professional musician'. The audience was comprised of mostly friends and family who came to support Justin and his accomplishments. In addition to family and friends, the audience also included some music students who appreciated classical guitar music and several world music culture students who were conducting field research.