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Question 4.

The audience tonight was the members of group two. The purpose of the performance was solely for entertainment purposes. The piece Reinecke’s Concerto was made to engage and excite audience members. The emotions that were felt from the performance were essentially the same for all members. For me the performance was a little out of my comfort zone, I say this because classical music is not my typical music. When I was told that it would be a classical concert played by the flute I thought that it may be a little boring because boring is what I associate with classical style music. The concert was actually a shock I was really taken back by the piece and the feeling was mutual for member Nick Serra, “my choice of music is usually music that is relevant to me, but listening to Reinecke’s Concerto in D major broadened my musical horizons.” It was hard to believe that someone so young could perform a piece so beautifully. Judging from the reactions of my group I would say that the purpose of the performance did not differ at all from the emotions experienced. We all were engaged in the piece and were truly entertained.