Owen Sellers Amphitheather

Group 2 attended Fsu's summer concert #1 at Owen Sellers Amphitheater. It was an outdoor concert that had traditional band music performed. The concert lasted about two hours and featured many different student conductors.

1.What are the demographics of the audience? of the musicians?
The demographics of the audience were mostly parents and friends of the musicians. Most of the audience members were older adults. There were a few students but not many. The Musicians were all students at FSU. These students were unique about the musicians was they were not playing their original instruments. These students were all playing instruments they were not comfortable with. Also there was no audition for this concert. The musicians also only had four weeks of practice before the concert.
By:Brittany Wilson

2. What role does the venue play in people's [performer, audience, researcher] expectations of the musical performance and how does this particular performance meet or fail to meet those expectations?
The patrons were not expecting as formal of a musical experience due to the fact that this concert was held outdoors in the Owen Sellers Amphitheater, behind Opperman music hall. The first thing that was played was the star spangled banner, and the audience stood up, which I believe started the event off to a formal setting. I believe that this outdoor environment provided the perfect backdrop to this casual, yet still professional summer music concert.
By: Karen Fakhar

5. Who are the performers and what is their relationship to the audience?
THe performers relationship to the audience is a relationship in which the performers want to share their passion and love of music on to the audience. In this case, the performers were part of the group that put on the summer concert #1, and they wanted to perform to an audience who will appreciate and enjoy their music.
By: Nicholas Serra