Group Member Apartment Rehearsal

Group 2 attended a group members home on 403 east georgia street, and at this home there was an informal flute performance put on by one of the group members roommates. the audience consisted off group two in its entirety, and some other people who also lived at the house. The living room in which the performance was played in had a very warm vibe and it made for a performance whose experience was equally relaxed as it was unique.

1.What are the demographics of the audience? of the musicians?
By Brittany Wilson

The demographics of the audience varied. The audience had four girls and one boy. Only one of the audience members had a musical background. However I feel everyone appreciated the piece. The musician was a young female around our age. She played the flute in middle school and stopped in high school and now she plays on different occasions for fun.

2.What role does the venue play in people's [performer, audience, researcher] expectations of the musical performance and how does this particular performance meet or fail to meet those expectations?
By:Karen Fakhar

Venue plays an important role in the audience’s interpretation of a performance. The atmosphere and location set the mood and create an expectation for the type of music to be played at the venue. For example, in a venue such as a club, upbeat and loud music is anticipated, while softer and slower music is expected in avenue such as a coffeehouse. Our group chose to listen to a short performance in a private residence that was comfortable with very relaxed atmosphere. The advanced individual expectations among our group were reflected by everyone’s casual clothing and demeanor.

3.What is the role of economics in this particular musical event?
by Halle Broxsie

the role economics plays in the event is important. admission to the event was obviously free because it was at a group members house, but we all had to give up our time to attend this event.

4.How does the purpose of the performance overlap and differ from the emotions experienced by the audience?
By Roneycia Cooper

The audiences of the performance being the members of group two. The purpose of the performance was solely for entertainment purposes. The piece Reinecke’s Concerto was made to engage and excite audience members. The emotions that were felt from the performance were essentially the same for all members. For me the performance was a little out of my comfort zone, I say this because classical music is not my typical music. When I was told that it would be a classical concert played by the flute I thought that it may be a little boring because boring is what I associate with classical style music. The concert was actually a shock I was really taken back by the piece and the feeling was mutual for member Nick Serra, “my choice of music is usually music that is relevant to me, but listening to Reinecke’s Concerto in D major broadened my musical horizons.” It was hard to believe that someone so young could perform a piece so beautifully. Judging from the reactions of my group I would say that the purpose of the performance did not differ at all from the emotions experienced. We all were engaged in the piece and were truly entertained.

5. Who are the performers and what is their relationship to the audience?
By, Nicholas Serra

The performer is a casual player of the flute who currently only plays recreationally. The relationship between the performer and the audience is the performer is my room mate. Beyond being just my roommate, the performer has a deep love of music and wanted to share that passion with as many people as possible, and playing a performance for group two was very much in line with my roommates want to share her music.