B Sharp's Jazz Cafe

For our first ethnography location, group three visited B Sharp's Jazz Cafe. This informal music venue is located on W. Brevard Street in Tallahassee, Florida. On specific nights, there are different events that take place. Group three attended a jam session on Wednesday night held by Alex "AJ" Hall for their fieldwork.

Ethnography Response Questions

1. To what demographics does this music appeal?

Jazz music appeals to an extremely varied demographic and that's the beauty of it. At B Sharp's Jazz Cafe, the ages of the audience ranged from 18-20's and 40-60's. The ethnicities of those present were just as diverse: There were White, Black, Hispanic, Indian, and mixed people in the audience, male and females alike. I think that jazz music is so popular and has survived throughout American history because it appeals to such a wide demographic.

--Olivia Moonitz

2. How does the venue appeal to this genre of music and what are the expectations?

The venue, B Sharp's Jazz Cafe, is very informal, therefore providing an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Because it is so relaxed, jam sessions therefore take place at this venue. Such a phenomenon could not occur in a formal setting such as a Jazz Combo recital. the expectations of this venue would be that the musicians and music being played will be informal, and the expectations are definitely met.

--Danielle Levine

3. What is the role of economics in this particular event?

Economics most definitely plays a huge role in this event let alone any music event. Whether or not the musicians are getting paid is one thing, but the place in which the music event is taking place also needs money to stay on their feet and provide for their guests and musicians. This is where the general public comes in. People go places to hear good music and depending on if the musicians are good or not will determine the success of the business place in which the music venue is being held, in this case B Sharp's Jazz Cafe. Most businesses require an entry fee, something like $5, as a way to collect money and provide for their business. This again is being dependent on the public, because the only way the business will make more money is if more people come to the event and more people are going to come to this venue is if the music is good. So all in all, economics plays a huge role, especially when dealing with currency.

--Alexis Avellino

4. How does the purpose of the performance overlap and differ from the emotions experienced by the audience?

The purpose of the performance differs from the emotions experienced by the audience in a way, because AJ and the rest of his band perform to create a fun environment as their job. Where as the audience is simply there to sit back, and enjoy the music provided. Although these differ, while watching the band “Jam” together, you can tell that the band is having a wonderful time doing so.

--Katie Sidman