FSU College of Music - Longmire 201

The Florida State University College of Music requires their students pass juries and do recitals in order to graduate. On June 10th, 2011, the senior Meghan Pulles Cavanaugh did her recital in the Longmire 201 Hall. She's a soprano opera singer and did selected works in Italian, German, Spanish, French and English.

Ethnographic Question 1

Responded by: Brad Baker

What are the demographics of the audience? of the musicians?
The demographics of the audience consisted of many people from all races. Also there were young and old people at the performance. The demographics of the musicians was two 20~ year old looking girls.

Commentary from group members:

  • Marjorie: You can also add how there music and non-music majors in attendance.
  • Alanna: I agree with Marjorie and to me it seemed as though both the singer and the piano player must have been music majors as well.
  • Kate: If you excluded all of the students that were attending from our music class, I would say that the majority of audience was middle-aged to older Caucasian Americans.

Ethnographic Question 2

Responded by: Samantha Kate Wicker

What role does the venue play in people's [performer, audience, researcher] expectations of the musical performance and how does this particular performance meet or fail to meet those expectations?

Meghan Pulles Cavanaugh's senior recital for Florida State University's College of Music took place in Room 201 in the Longmire building, which is located on Florida State University's main campus. The venue created an atmosphere that greatly influenced the overall experience for the members of the audience. The set up that evening was very formal. The only lighting was that of a spotlight aimed center stage, illuminating the vocal performer and her accompanying pianist. Also, the physical appearance of the performer was very classy. She was dressed in a pretty pink, long evening gown and her hair was all down up in curls and pulled back. All of these details caused me as an audience member to expect a classy, professional performance. From the very beginning as soon as the performer sang her first note my expectations were met because that was exactly what occurred.

Commentary from group members:

Ethnographic Question 3

Responded by: Alanna Lewis

What is the role of economics in this particular musical event?
The role of economics is not a very big one in this performance. The concert was completely free which made it very convenient for any student (on a college budget) that wants to go to a great musical performance. Much like B. Sharp's in our first ethnography it was very cheap and easily accessible.

Commentary from group members:

  • Juan: Besides the students, the economic background of the older folks in the audience was obviously educated, culturally rounded individuals who most likely have the money to pay for a cultural event like this if they had to.

*Kate: I agree, it was very convenient that the recital was free. If the event would have been too pricey I would not have been able to afford to go, as I would think would be the case for most college students.

Ethnographic Question 4

Responded by Marjorie Jerez

How does the purpose of the performance overlap and differ from the emotions experienced by the audience?

The purpose of the performance does not overlap and greatly differs from the emotions experienced by the audience. The singer was there to perform and present her talent. The audience would just sit back and listen, with a lack of interaction with the performer. Typically, there's no intention for entertainment but the singer managed to the get the audience to laugh towards the end of the performance, but other than that, the hall was quiet. Since it was opera singing, not everyone feels the same thing since people either enjoy or find it extremely boring. For the singer, it was must have been fun to sing (or a bit scary) in front of an audience.

Commentary from group members:

  • Alanna: I agree, I bet the singer was nervous even though it wasn't a huge concert. I didn't find it to be boring.
  • Kate: I disagree that there was no intention for entertainment. While the main purpose of her senior recital that evening was to showcase her skill and talent to get a good grade and graduate from FSU's College of Music, I believe that everytime a musician gets on stage to perform that they strive to entertain their audience and make their performance enjoyable for everyone.

Ethnographic Question 5

Responded by: Juan Garcia de Paredes

Who are the performers and what is their relationship to the audience?

The performer is an undergrad student at FSU. This is her final dissertation. The audience is comprised mostly by other FSU students (some of them are friends and classmates of her I presume) and several older folks from Tallahassee that enjoy the opera. The student is accompanied by lady on the piano.
The performer also shows her acting ability throughout the performance. She "acts" the song as she sings it; sometimes being comedic and the audience adequately responds with laughter.

Commentary from group members:
*Kate: I thought it was very interesting and cool that the girl who was performing, Meghan Pulles Cavanaugh, was also an FSU student just like myself. It made the performance more personal and I felt like I could relate to her more easily.