B Sharp's Jazz Cafe

Description: B Sharps Jazz Cafe is located in historic Frenchtown and provides and intimate setting for various jazz bands to play for the public. It provided a warm and welcoming enviornment for viewers to listen to the wonderful and cultural music of jazz.

1. What are the demographics of the audience? of the musicians?
Name:Ciera Savage
The demographics of the audience and musicans was more of older couples in their late 20's-40's. The researchers was the only college student at the Jazz Cafe. Both the audience and performers had diverse cultural backgrounds. But there was also more men there than women. Also by looking at the cars in the parking lot and the price per person to get in, i could tell that everyone was middle class. They was well dress and very classy.

2. What role does the venue play in people's (performer, audience, researcher) expectations of the musical performance and how does this particular performance meet or fail to meet those expectations?
Name:Heather Smith
The venue provided a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for a night of enjoying jazz music. B Sharp's Jazz Cafe was located in "Frenchtown" in an unexpected place. The venue was easy to miss as driving by, and it looked just like an ordinary house, camouflaged with the surrounding houses. From someone who has never heard of the cafe or attended it (researcher), the venue's location seemed surprising because it was hard to find, but once a person has attended the cafe (audience member), the venue gained credibility as it turned out to be a perfect location. The fact that the venue was small, cozy, and had a friendly environment made it a great place for a night of jazz. It was ideal for the performer, as the room was fully occupied.
3. What is the role of economics in this particular musical event?
Name: Francesca Banakar
At B Sharps Jazz Café, economics had a significant role. In order to accommodate the audience as well as they do, all guests are charged ten dollars to see the performance. In addition to this, they are also required to pay another ten dollars that goes towards a credit for the “bar and kitchen” selection. 20 dollars might seem expensive, but one would pay that or more if they had purchased food and drinks. The way B Sharps has the credit for food and drinks is a different and creative approach to make money at the same time as serving the audience. With a great menu selection of various wines, beers, appetizers and desserts, guests got their money’s worth. It also added to the enjoyable atmosphere of the jazz musicians and their music. At this event, economics had a very big and important role in order to make audience feel at home and enjoy the performances even more so.

4. How does the purpose of the performance overlap and differ from the emotions experienced by the audience?
Name:Kaitlyn Magee
The musicians perform because they love to perform. I believe that the audience can see that and identify with it. Jazz is all about expressing emotion. The musicians hope that the song they are performing can express love, anger, sadness, loss, etc. The audience can understand these emotions and understand what the song is expressing but I don't believe that they can ever really experience that same emotion considering they have most likely not experienced that event. The audience can get a feeling of enjoyment out of the musician's expression and, depending on the song, feel various emotions. The musician most likely feels the strongest about the subject of the song but the audience can also feel very strong emotions. A lot of people like jazz because they feel like they can identify with the performers.

**5. Who are the performers and what is their relationship to the audience?
James Fraser
The musicians appeared to be couples possessing significant others in the audience, and they enjoying the performance along with the rest of the audience. A relationship with musicians and the audience was seen; more of a mutualism relationship as both needed the other for the music to be enjoyable. The band played and showed the excitement for playing and in the performance of their music to the audience. The audience became engaged in the music and showed interaction by moving with the music giving a signal to the band to continue playing, and the performance was enjoyable. Together the night of jazz was a success because the audience received entertainment and the band received gratitude for the performance.