Market Wednesday

As you enter the Olgesby Union at Florida State University you come across crowds of college students, vendors, and student organizations. Students and vendors come here every Wednesday to listen to free music and take part in the activities. This takes place every Wednesday between the hours of 11 and 2. The vendors bring their merchandise here in order to sell to many of the college students. Many performers come here to share their talents with the student body.

Question 1
Name: Katelyn Gooden
Most of the audience are college students from Famu, Florida State University and TCC that come over to enjoy the different musical events and student organization events going on. The ages range from 18 to late twenties. The musicians as well are all around he same age and in college as well.

Question 2
Name: Gregory Edwards
The Union, as stated in the introduction has become a bed for groups, vendors as well as the FSU students. So its role as far as the performers are concerned is very low. Other than the fact that it is an outside contained area and is conveniently in the center of campus. For the audience as well as the researcher, it is similar in purpose in that it becomes a place that is easy to find on campus. Since it is in the union, people have come to expect that any performers playing would be novice or somewhat skilled at best. There were no performances Wednesday in the union, so the only music heard was from the radio, which is constantly playing at a lower, ambiance level. And so any time there is a performance the audience is normally surprised and delighted if the skill level of the performers are better than intermediate. And so performers perform with a certain ease about them.

Question 3
Name: Zach Smith

In the union I surveyed five different people to ask them all different questions about the music that was being played and what the effect it had on its surroundings. The answer I found most interesting came from the question “What is the role of economics in this particular musical event?” When I interviewed the vendor in the union and asked him this I was given the response that music does have a significant role in his business. He said that when there is music being played then his buyers are usually happier and more people tend to stop and browse. This particular vendor was close to a speaker in which music is played out but he had also mentioned that in fall there tends to be more live performances in which draw a lot of people to the union. The vendor said that live performers are great for business and in his opinion there should be a performer every Wednesday.

Question 4

Question 4
Name: Armand Barreiro

Depending on the purpose of the performances it is easy to see a carying level of interest amongst students. An interview with a member of Delta Tau Delta states, “I don’t really understand when the multicultural fraternities step and stroll and the music doesn’t appeal to me, but I’m usually out here when there’s a concert on the Union Green. “ This probably is the reason so many different levels of programming are offered by the Union because they know many students have varying tastes, making it impossible for one event to cater to every single crowd. Some students did state that the diversity of musical events at the union has helped them to expand their musical tastes. Despite these differences in musical preference I would say that above all, the general mood of all musical performances in the union is upbeat and students that come here expect to be shown a good time.

Question 5

Name: Justin Kennedy
The performers that we observed and questioned during our study at Market Wednesday were all college students who were apart of some kind of organization at Florida State University. Most of the performers were members of the various step- teams at our school. Most of the audience were fellow students who happened to venture into the union during the event. Some of the audience however were friends of the performers and had specifically came that day to watch the performance.