Guitar Recital

Longmire 6/11, 8pm.

Question 1: Did expectations prior to going, affect the viewer's feelings, or emotions during the performance?
Gregory Edwards
I believe the expectations I had of classical music being concert like, or many instruments, affected my own "vibe" during the performance greatly. It actually had a negative or adverse affect when I saw just a guitarist playing in the recital hall.

Question 2
Katelyn Gooden:
The performance was in Longmire's concert hall. The expectations I had of the performance and probably many others in the music hall expected the concert to be very formal and classical. This concert did meet the expectations of the hall as a classical guitarist played and came out dressed nicely for his performance.

Question 3
Zachary Smith:
Unfortunately since the performance we went to was in Longmire 201 economics played a non-exsisting roll. This performance had no ticket sales, beverages or even food for sale therefore the musician and economics had no relation in this case.

Question 4
Different to the Oglesby Union, these performances alone are very specific in that people are aware it is just a guitar recital, so the crowd often expects to be there for that specific purpose. As I mentioned earlier the audience walked in with a very serious attitude toward the recital and we see the performance overlap in a positive way through the musicians passion clearly visible on his face when he plays. After the show Fred, who is also an alumnus, chimed in, “I take the performances seriously so when I come in and see artists that exhibit the same attitudes in their work, I usually leave satisfied”

Question 5
Justin Kennedy:
The performer was a college of music student at Florida State University. The relationship between the performer and the audience was that a few members of the audience were family members of the performer. Also some of the audience were friends of the performer. Any of the other audience members were mostly fellow students from FSU.