Summer Band Concert at FSU Amphitheater

Summer Band Concert at the FSU Amphitheater.

Group 9 attended the Florida State Summer Band Starlight Series Concert on May 19, 2011 at 8pm. The location of this concert was in the Owens F. Sellars Amphitheater on FSU's campus. The audience consisted of mainly college students and older adults. This was an informal concert, yet still very professional with student and faculty performers. We enjoyed viewing and listening to this concert very much so and recommend it to all people near FSU's campus on a Thursday night.

Question 1
Marcel Hernandez Ibanez
What are the demographics of the audience? of the musicians?

My response:
The people in the audience were Tallahassee natives mostly over 50 years old and college students. The musicians were composed of music and non major students. This was according to Ajori Spencer who plays the alto sax because most other students are who are music majors or who would normally play are back home for summer break.

Question 2 (Cassandra Owens)- What role does the venue play in people's [performer, audience, researcher] expectations of the musical performance and how does this particular performance meet or fail to meet those expectations?

Ajori Spencer (Alto Sax)- The venue is tied to how people experience the music in many ways. For example, many people are intimidated by concert halls. They might feel stiff or not know what's "proper" or how they're "supposed" to act. This doesn't allow them to enjoy the music fully. They might expect the music to be boring or something they don't understand.

The venue of this concert was much more approachable. They are outside in a more familiar, comfortable environment. The audience expected the concert to have something for everyone.

My Response - I feel that the venue implies a more relaxed performance and sets an expectation of a simple sounding performance. The venue meets the expectation of a relaxed performance however the actual sound of the performance is more than expected. It was very professional on only four rehearsals.

QUESTION 3 (Adwin Brown) - What is the role of economics in this particular musical event?

Ajori Spencer (Alto Sax) - Unlike many musical events, the Starlight Concert was free. This, too, is to appeal to a larger audience. Everyone can afford it so there are opportunities for a larger audience.

My Response- Since the concert was free to the public, the people in charge of the Starlight Concert were able to solidify the fact that they'd have a larger audience if they didn't charge admission. If they had charged money for entrance, I'm sure not as many people would've showed up. Economics played a large role in this concert, and fortunately, it worked in the Starlight Concert's favor.

Question 4 (Revae Douglas)-How does the purpose of the performance overlap and differ from the emotions experienced by the audience?

Ajori Spencer (Alto Sax)-It appeared that the purpose of the concert series and the audience's reactions/emotions aligned well. The audience enjoyed the music and seemed very comfortable with the environment. They may have expected more music to be familiar.

My Response-I think that the audiences' expectations were met at this concert. They expected to go and listen to well-played music, surrounded my the nature of the outdoors and that what they did.

Question 5 (Jack Sumner) - Who are the performers and what is their relationship to the audience?

Ajori Spencer (Alto Sax)- Most of the performers were college students, but there were some community members. The audience was comprised of friends and family of the performers as well as general music lovers.

My Response- I dont really know any of the performers so i cannot disagree with who they are and their relationship with the audience. Most of the performers did seem kind of younger which would lead me to believe that they are students of the college of music.