Vocal Recital Florida State University Longmire 201

Group 9 attended the vocal recital in Longmire 201 on June 10, 2011 at 8 pm by Meghan Pulles Cavanaugh, soprano. The performance was part of the Florida State University college of music program as part of the major requirements. This was our formal concert attendance and were able to see the difference between an informal Florida State University performance and another formal one.

Question 1 (Marcel Hernandez Ibanez)-What are the demographics of the audience? of the musicians?
The audience was composed of mainly family such as mothers and fathers as well as friends of the musician and professors who were there to grade her performance and enjoy the pieces being played. The musicians demographic is college student so that would put them at young adult.

Question 2 (Cassandra Owens) - What role does the venue play in people's [performer, audience, researcher] expectations of the musical performance and how does this particular performance meet or fail to meet those expectations?

The venue's role in the performers, audience, and researchers expectations is that it appears to be a very formal concert. It is a formal setting in which the performers dress in a formal matter. This particular performance did not meet all the expectations of the audience. The performer had issues with pitch and timbre.

**Question 3 (Adwin Brown) - What is the role of economics in this particular musical event?

The role of economics plays a very significant role because it is a huge reason why this vocal recital had such a great turn out. The recital was absolutely free, and since people didn't have to pay money, I believe they were more willing to make an effort to attend the performance.

Question 4 (Revae Douglas) - How does the purpose of the performance overlap and differ from the emotions experienced by the audience?

The purpose of the performance was to convey a certain story or emotion with each piece to the audience. Meghan did a great job of really emoting each piece to everyone, and as an audience member I really connected with each performance and Im sure other audience members did as well.

Question 5 (Jack Sumner) - Who are the performers and what is their relationship to the audience?

The Performer was Meghan Pulles Cavanaugh (soprano), who was assisted by Bianca Lupsha on the piano. The relationship between the performers and the audience was just some family, friends and professors there to watch and grade Meghan performance piece to satify her major requirement.