El Jalisco

Our Group visited the restaurant El Jalisco. It is a Mexican restaurant on Monroe St. Being a restaurant, we expected music to be played; however, we discovered that the only music was ambient noice both performed and observed by the "audience".

Ethnographic Question 1
Name: Alexandra Espinosa
What are the demographics of the audience? of the musicians?
The demographic at El Jalisco varied. The waiters and cooks seemed to be mostly hispanic people ranging from ages 21 to 40, I think this is because it has a bar and you have to be at least 21 to serve alcohol. Hispanic are very family oriented and very proud of their heritage, so the owner probably hires hispanic people because he knows them personally or because they speak Spanish and can give the restaurant an authentic atmosphere. There were some college students at the bar, which is common because Tallahassee is a college town. College students tend to be middle class, living off of loans and financial aid, and El Jalisco is a middle class restaurant. Its sit down, but the price range is affordable and comfortable for most. There was no music playing, but the TV's all showed sports, which probably also attracts college students. Aside from college students, there were couples and families with children which shows that El Jalisco is family friendly also. Overall, the demographic was middle class people of all ages.

Ethnographic Question 2

Ethnographic Question 3
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Ethnographic Question 4
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Ethnographic Question 5
written by Brogan Wikarek
Answer: The performers and the audience at this particular venue ended up being one and the same. Much like John Cage's 4'33", the ambient noise created by the patrons and workers in the restaurant were the only 'music' that was present.